Unlearning to learn.


I’m Ananya (Un-un-ya).

I reside in Delhi, the capital of India, I am in my late twenties (26), and I’m learning to take life, one day at a time.

I live by the three words,
Sabr, Shukr, Dua” (Patience, Gratitude, Hope).

The picture was taken at Sandton Mall, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Academically, I’ve completed my Bachelors of Arts (Honours)…

And I will never try to get them again.

Credits- Bruce Mars on Unsplash

In November 2020, I took it upon myself to work out every single day and get lean and achieve six-pack abs. So I started with an insane training schedule. …

It truly changed my life.

Credits- Artem Xromov on Unsplash

I’m a hoarder. Oh wait, I was a hoarder. My coping mechanism for the most part of my life has simply been to add things to my cart and proceed to checkout. Anytime, I’m low, upset, or even in a slightly bad mood, shopping lifts my spirits up.

So when…

Happy Birthday to me!

I recently turned 27, and took the much-awaited solo trip. While a few of my friends joined me for the first 3 days, I spent the next 5, by the beach, trying to figure out what the last 27 years had taught me. …

Small habits that go a long way.

My fitness journey has evolved over the last one year. From being obsessed with losing weight and getting fat, to a sustainable, happy journey, where fitness is a lifestyle. I genuinely feel I have come a long way. But, what are some things that have been instrumental in my journey…

And no, please don’t judge your friends and family for taking help.

Credits- CottonBro on Pexels

I started therapy in 2019. I went for a few sessions because I didn’t know what was wrong and why was I low all the time. My life was at an all-time high then. I was happy, I was surrounded by the best friends and family, and I had just…

A reminder to all that’s important in life.

Credits- Cottonbro on Pexels

2020 left us all with a lot of gaps in our lives. What began as a fresh new decade for many, left most of us upset and worrying in a few month’s time. Within a span of a few weeks, our lives came to a standstill. Offices became remote, relationships…


The journey to sobriety comes with its own pros.

Credits- Charlotte May on Pexels

“I got promoted!!!!”, I screamed. As I learned the news of my promotion and a big fat bonus that was going to be credited to my account in a few weeks. My housemates ran into my room and we jumped and screamed, ecstatic for my success.

I worked really hard…

And Love.

I met him first in the park. I was running and there was a lizard on the track. So I obviously stopped and shrieked. This old man was walking behind me, smiled and shooed the lizard away. I thanked him and carried on with my run. I crossed him at…

And I’m sorry for it.

Credits- Giacomo Ferroni on Unplash

“I am a feminist.”

“Please stop this sexism.”

“Stop with these sexist statements.”

I was that girl. The girl who said that she was a feminist but didn’t actually act like one. I was the girl who overreacted on small statements but never acted like an actual feminist.

What is feminism?

The dictionary…

Ananya Dube

Full-time Consultant. Part-time writer. Avid reader. Fitness & wildlife enthusiast.

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