“Alexa, How does a lion roar?”

Picture by the author

It all started when a 4-year-old, watched an animated movie about lions and fell in love. No, I don’t mean infatuation. I don’t even mean attraction. I’m talking about love. Real, deep love. and 22 years later, she’s still at it. It was, love at first roar!

Fast forward a few years, the first time I ever saw a lion was probably when I was 6, in a zoo. Unlike all my classmates, who were petrified and ran away at the sight of one, I admired them. The mighty lion, strong and powerful looked like he’s in Zen. Calm and strong sitting in a corner, carrying it like a superpower. That’s the first thing I learned from them: Calm is a superpower.

I have never been an angry short-tempered or loud person. But as I grow up, and as life continues to throw tough situations at me, I keep repeating to myself: Stay Calm, it’s your superpower. Believe me, I have navigated through the toughest situations of my life by just repeating this in my head.

I continued to visit them whenever I could as a kidx`, just to watch them whenever I could. Lions were more than the king of the jungle for me. I’d look into their eyes and feel a deeper connection. It was almost like I could talk to them. Read them. Be at peace around them. Almost meditative. Maybe I reached my Zen, then?

Since I saw them mostly in my home country, India, it was often in places like Zoos. That’s where I picked up my second learning from them: You can be around people, and never lose yourself.

Have you ever seen a lion worry about what you may think? Or about anyone’s opinion? He just sits silently doing what he wants to. He may roar/ or get agitated but it’s seldom because of external factors. They’re usually annoyed by basic things like hunger, and I’m just like that. I legit have tears in my eyes if I’m hungry, that’s how I cope.

In 2018, I had the good fortune of living in Johannesburg for a few weeks for a work opportunity. The first weekend had to be spent at Lions Park. I took the safari and saw the majestic beings. Once again, in awe. Their beauty, their power, their strength- it’s so royal! The pride stayed together, sitting and enjoying their calm, almost like they don’t give a flying F about anything in the world. That’s when I learnt another cool thing about them: Stick to your tribe!

Humans are perhaps the only living beings who believe in cheating, deceiving, lying, and living off each other’s expense. Lions don’t do that. Of course, you can say that their relationships aren’t monogamous, but think of it from a deeper level.

They are also funny at times (Yes, my sense of humor is weird. If my writing wasn’t a testament to that already). They’re perhaps the only might species that can pull off funny faces and still look absolutely adorable!

Credits- Michele Burgess/ Alamy

There are perhaps 500000000 more reasons why I love lions. I mean I got one tattooed on my wrist! But they’re just these majestic beings who tells me there are no worries for the rest of my days!

If you life wildlife, or big cats particularly, pls don’t be afraid of reaching out to me, I love conversations around them!

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